• Love Dr Kim, and his staff. Holly is always very friendly and helpful. I had two boys get thierr braces done at this office,a few years back, so when my 8yr. (more…)

  • Our family has a long history with Dr. Kim and his fabulous staff! I took my now 22 year old son, Jonathan, to two other orthodontists for consultations before deciding on Dr. Kim. What I immediately liked about him was that he told me exactly what needed to be done and exactly what the cost would be. I didn't walk out of his office scratching my head over unanswered questions. Subsequently, my two daughters have been/are patients of Dr. Kim and have beautiful smiles.

  • Two of my children have had braces with Dr. Kim. I could not be more pleased with the results. I believe he has used good judgement on treatment and didn't rush the process. We are now on to kid #3!

  • We met Dr. Kim within the first few days of the opening of his orthodontic practice. He treated our family for over 7 years between our 3 children and myself. His expertise not only corrected severe issues in all 3 children, including major open bites, and absent prominent adult teeth, he also gave them incredible smiles to literally last a lifetime. We can never thank her enough for the permanent impact that a beautiful smile gives, as well as how the corrections impact health, function and well-being. The office is an enjoyable place to be because of Holly.He is always uplifting, funny, efficient and kind. Dr. Kim's office also gives back to the community through financial support of students' worthy causes. I have recommended this office to family and friends, and I do not know of one referral that was ever disappointed. Thank you Dr. Kim and Holly!

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    Affordable Braces

    We do offer a very affordable financing plan with a low down payment of $499 if your insurance does not have orthodontic coverage.
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    Who says braces are just for kids?

    Certainly not the estimated 1 million adults in the United States who have chosen orthodontic treatment as the route to better oral health and emotional well-being. 
Adults are discovering that today’s high-tech materials are light-years away from the “metal mouth” look they may have been familiar with as teenagers. i-Orthodontics Invisalign (clear aligners) and clear or tooth colored bracket options are recent innovations that use sophisticated engineering to ensure less time is spent in braces.
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